Friday, October 30, 2009

My Innaugural Post!

After months of deliberation (and laziness), I have finally gotten around to starting this little exercise in public service and self-congratulation. And what exactly IS this little exercise, you may be wondering? Well despite the potentially racy interpretations implied by "profligate," I will instead be focusing on reducing financial profligacy by offering little tips to help you save money - without too much effort or compromising your lifestyle (I actually want you to use some of these tips after all). Of course, everyone's scale of savings vs. effort is different, but I'll do my best to post frequently in hopes of occasionally piquing people's interest...

I don't purport to be aware of all of the money-saving deals out there (far from it!), but after frequent teasing from friends about my own thrifty habits, I thought I might as well share the things I do come upon and use in my own life. However, I am more than happy to get suggestions from readers, so please let me know if you're on to something particularly prudent.

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